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Chesapeake Bay T-Shirt- One Hundred Shores Basic-T

Hand dyed using water from the Chesapeake Bay?  That's right, your shirt quite literally is born in The Bay.


Each shirt in the 2024 basic t edition is dyed using water from across the Potomac River (but check out our special editions thorughout the year!).  A tag included with your shirt inlcudes the unique location where your shirt began.  We like to think each one is a little story itself.  


A portion of each sale is donated to various Potomac River watershed organizations.  But we take it a step further.  You'll quite literally find us on the shore of the watershed all year long promoting conservation.  Are you part of a watershed org?  Get in touch to discuss wholesale or fundraising opportunities!




Each One Hundred Shores shirt is hand lined and dyed in a traditional, eco-friendly fiber process, using a fraction of the materials used in industrial made garments. This garment is a 100% washable cotton T-shirt.  Each shirt is hand-crafted with special dyes and washes for a buttery soft, vintage feel. 

Slight variations in color and design are the mark of a true handmade item- 100% created in the Chesapeake watershed. 


Unisex sized shirts- The shirt which will be delivered to you is 100% preshrunk cotton, with cotton threading as well.

The design never fades- unlike a screenprint or dtg printed shirt which peels or cracks over time, the design is embedded into the fibers of the cotton, made as part of the dyeing process.  The design you see is the design you'll have as long as you own your shirt. 



This is a handmade item, born and raised from the shores of the watershed, not a warehouse.  Each is premade for fast delivery, but expect them within 7 business days of ordering.  


Any questions? Get in touch!

Chesapeake Bay T-Shirt- One Hundred Shores Basic-T

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