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Upcoming Workshops on Site

All workshops are free of cost, provided by the sponsoring organization, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, Oct.28:  OysterFest @ CBMM

Create a One Hundred Shores shirt from Miles River waters at CBMM.  Guided by Eric Jackson and CBMM staff, each participant will take a very short walk to collect their own water sample on site, and use it to dye their own shirt along the shoreline of the museum.  

Each shirt has a Chesapeake Bay outline on the front shirt, along with the GPS coordinates of CBMM along the bottom hem.

Participants should be comfortable working around tie dye style materials, which have a chance of staining clothing and hands.  

Shirts are 100% cotton and machine washable.  

Shirts will be professionally cleaned and mailed to each participant the week following the Watermen's Appreciation event. (Provide accurate shipping information when booking).  

On Site Workshops

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