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How are they made?

Each One Hundred Shores shirt is hand lined and dyed in a traditional, eco-friendly fiber process, using a fraction of the materials used in industrial made      garments.

Each shirt is dyed using water from the Chesapeake Bay- you can check the bottom hem to find the GPS where the water came from to make yours!

The best part?  Our designs don't fade, peel or crack like so much of the fast fashion patterns you see these days.  The design is embedded into the fiber itself.  It stays true for the life of the shirt. 

How are these Conservation Friendly

The garment industry gets a bad rap, and often rightly so.  How are our shirts different? As a boutique dye house, we use 90% less water and dye than is used in industrial fiber manufacturing.  We also start with organic, unbleached cotton.  Oh, and we also run our effluent through a reverse osmosis filtration system. 

Oh, and... Like carbon offset credits, a portion of each sale goes to support the health and recovery of the Chesapeake.  Often times, that portion is up to and sometimes over 50% of the sale for special editions.  


Each garment is a 100% washable cotton T-shirt.  Each shirt is hand-crafted with special dyes and washes for a buttery soft, vintage feel. 

Slight variations in color and design are the mark of a true handmade item- 100% created in the Chesapeake watershed. 

Small colorfast “flecks” may be visible.  These unique signatures on each shirt are the result of dye particles bonding to organic matter in the Chesapeake water, which may settle into the cotton fabric.

Wash with similar/dark colors.

What size should I order?

The right t shirt size is everything! We think our shirts run pretty close to your regular shirt size, however they are pre-shrunk which means the size you try on is the size it stays.  

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