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Shore Stories

Stories from the shore help to create a more complete narrative of the One Hundred Shores Journey.  Those stories are told by many voices, and connect to many themes which weave together the tapestry of the Chesapeake. These stories are shared weekly here at One Hundred Shores and in the bi-monthly Shore Stories newsletter.

Tell Your Story

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Where's your water?

It's all around us, but where is the water for you? This project involves one place and many places, and I want to hear about those many places from you.  Do you have a memory, story (legend??) of a shoreline, deep drop, or just a moment in time and place?  I'd love to hear about it, and maybe even include them in this journey.

Shore Stories

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Where's your Shore?

One Hundred Shores shorelines connect to 10 core themes.  Past partnerships promote awareness of the Chesapeake through education, access, history and change.  Interested in how we can team up? Send an email to

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