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"The Duck" Leonardtown Wharf Fest

Made from Leonardtown Wharf water during Wharf Fest celebration. The back of each shirt features a dapper wood duck profile, sure to remain fashionable long after your interest in the world's largest duck fades.

Each shirt is individually dyed using a batch of dye mixed from water collected at the Leonardtown Wharf. The GPS coordinates of the wharf are marked on the shirt, as well as a dapper duck profile on the back.


The blue shirts featuring the oval Chesapeake vignette are a screen print design. All of the dark teal shirts are the traditional batik design. Both versions are machine washable, and the shirt itself is the same light weight, but the production method is slightly different. Most people won't care, but we at One Hundred Shores feel it's important to note.


Hand dyed cotton shrinks, especially over time and with repeated washing. Even pre-shrunk shirts like these will shrink, but shrink less. You can safely assume that the shirt which will be delivered to you will have been washed a minimum of three times by me throughout the process, including both hot and cold treatments.

"The Duck" Leonardtown Wharf Fest

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