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Cherish the Chesapeake, One Shore at a Time

Be a part of the One Hundred Shores movement and wear your support for the Chesapeake watershed. Our socially engaged initiative creates handmade shirts, hand dyed using water from the shorelines of the Chesapeake, with a map and GPS coordinates of where the shirt originated. Join One Hundred Shores today and make a fashionable statement while supporting the Chesapeake.


Shores Visited

(We actually hit a few extra) 


Hand-dyed, socially-engaged shirt wearers in 2022


Readers of the Shore Stories Newsetter

Infinite Possibilities for the future

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The 2023 Edition of One Hundred Shores

Over the course of 2022, hundreds of different potential shorelines were researched in order to construct a narrative across the estuary which connected to ten different themes.  This year, we'll be honing in on just one of those themes.  


Landmarks, 2023

Landmarks are more than just monuments or geographical features – they are symbols that evoke strong emotions and powerful memories. For many, landmarks across the Chesapeake are our symbols of home. Crossing the bay bridge back from the beach, we think "won't be long now."

Or, just as likely, landmarks represent memories of our own journeys with family and friends. They become reminders of places across the bay - a marker of where we landed that 44" striper- and the people with whom we’ve shared experiences.

Landmarks across the Chesapeake are both man-made and natural wonders. But beyond resonating with us personally, these shorelines are symbols of our place in the watershed throughout time. 

Landmarks- Where We're Going

These lighthouses are part of the ongoing shore story. Sign up for updates below.  

36° 55’ 32” N  76° 00’ 29” W

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Marking the Southern entrance to the Chesapeake and commissioned by George Washington himself, Cape Henry actually hosts two lighthouses side by side.  

38° 53’ 56” N  76° 26’ 09” W

Thomas Point Shoal Light

One of the most iconic lighthouses of the Chesapeake, sporting the screwpile style common in the shallow waters of the Bay.  

39° 17’ 01” N  76° 16’ 03” W

Pooles Island Lighthouse

A secluded lighthouse on a far out island, with rumored active munitions scattered on the shore? Let's go!

Where We've Been

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