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Passion meets purpose in supporting the health and recovery of the Chesapeake. Join us in our ongoing journey.  A new addition of shirts is born from each shoreline.

Limited Editions


You'll find us in and on the water. We are eager to explore undiscovered places across the Chesapeake, seeking fresh perspectives and inspiration for our story. Do you have a hidden gem to share with us?


We believe in the power of collaboration to make a difference. If you're a non-profit  or business that shares our commitment to the Chesapeake Bay's well-being, we invite you to reach out.

Share something, or just shoot the breeze. Get in touch today.


Shores Visited

(We actually hit a few extra) 


Hand-dyed, socially-engaged shirt wearers in 2022


Readers of the Shore Stories Newsetter

Shorelines Still Out There

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Where We've Been

Shore Stories from across the Bay connect us in new ways.


Beneath the Surface- Shore Stories Newsletter

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